Royal Lance Tries Out MoviePass

After all the news I subscribed to MoviePass! Does it work? Check out the video to find out!

Spoiler: It does work.

Triforce Documentary Trailer on Great Big Story

So Great Big Story put out a trailer for the latest documentary for Empire Arcadia’s (a team I’m on) Triforce. I you look carefully you me see a familiar face (hint: it’s mine).

Got a Writing Gig on NerdSpan!

On my way to #NECPhilly! Look out , #FGC! #scv #doa5 #sf4

Not much to say about this. I heard that a new site called NerdSpan was looking for people to review movies so I responded.

I will not be reviewing games for NerdSpan at this time, just movie. I can live with that. I like watching movies.

I have some reviews posted on there already for Tintin and Not Another Teen Movie. I hope to be able to review “Noobz” soon.

Make sure you check out my upcoming reviews.

Movie Review: Wreck-It Ralph

Q*Bert Sign Pic

When you hear the term “Video Game” next to the word “movie”, bad things tend to happen. Fortunately, that is not the case for Disney’s (not Disney Pixar, Just Disney) latest computer animated movie, “Wreck-It-Ralph”. In fact, it’s one of the better video game movies out there. Continue reading