What’s up with Kotaku?!

I’m happy when I see my friends get noticed for their work. My friend found out that an article on Kotaku covered one of the events she hosts. But that coverage seemed to be the secondary topic while the primary topic was to bash the IP my friend’s event was based on.

This weekend my friend Jennifer Perez (aka Just Jen Cosplay) shared an article that was a couple of year old article that covered the writer’s experience at Jen’s Dragon Maid-themed maid cafe. The writer did cover a few things about the event, but it read more rant about the anime Dragon Maid itself.

I can understand if one doesn’t like particular that’s fine but don’t use what supposed to be coverage for my friend’s maid cafe to show off bash a show that’s not PC to your liking. Just mash the show in its own post and review the experience of the cafe!

I don’t get this site a lot of the time. Kotaku had a chance to give good coverage of a hardworking event planner but decided to throw a yet another fit about a un-PC show and people liking it.

Nintendo Spoiled Us With Online Play

Since the formal announcement of Nintendo Switch Online, critics lampooned Nintendo for daring to charge customers for online multiplayer while it has been free to play online for a year and a half. It wasn’t that Nintendo shouldn’t have charged for online play at all but they should have done it sooner.

When the Nintendo Switch was first released there wasn’t too much to offer for multiplayer, so it made sense to not launch an online service. But when the solid multiplayer such as ARMS and Splatoon 2 started emerging later in the year, it would have been a good time to launch an online subscription service.

Some people nitpicked Nintendo Switch Online’s other feature to death despite these issues mirror that of Xbox Live and/or PlayStation Plus.

The NES games available through Switch Online is not worth it? Well, some people value NES games way more than the free games found on Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus. And the library will grow.

You can lose you cloud saves if you cancel you Switch Online subscription? That is similar to what happens to cloud saves when you cancel PS Plus for six months.

The service is too pricey? I understand that not everyone can afford a subscription fee, but Switch Online’s yearly subscription is a roughly a third of the price than what Sony and Microsoft are offering.

It is understandable that not every Nintendo Switch user will but signing up for the online service. But let’s not pretend this is Nintendo’s worst foot forward. Besides, we got a free year and a half of free online play, which is a lot for a home console.

ESL One New York Needs Fighting Games


ESL has announced that ESL One will be coming back to New York this year at the Barclay Center. The first game announced is Counter Strike: Global Offensive, with more games to be announced later. If ESL is smart, they would throw some fighting games in this year’s run in New York. Continue reading

About My “Return of The Mage” Post


My “Return of the Mage” was posted on iHearthU over the weekend. Well I am glad that they published me despite me being new, but not everyone felt that way. There were comments about it being “poorly written” and “out of date”. This post is to set a few things straight.

  1. About my article being “out of date”, I do admit that the article might seem too late after RDU’s Dreamhack victory, and Hearthstone decks tend to go outdated week by week. But there was no deck guides for Freeze Mage and my article filled that void.
  2. As a person who writes lots of content, the quality of writing does mean a lot to me. But sometime you don’t always have the luxury of time to go over everything and catch every single mistake you make. I will make an effort to write better next time around. But please remember, I am writing a Hearthstone deck analysis, not a college essay.
  3. The formatting in the article wasn’t the best seen at iHearthU. But I had no control over that. At best I can give suggestions to the editors what needs to be bolded, highlighted, etc.
  4. It’s my first iHearthU article. Give me a break, will you?

With that, I promise to make the effort to make my content for iHearthU better.

“No Girls Allowed” Hearthstone and the IeSF


This week Hearthstone was trending for all the wrong reasons when a Finnish Hearthstone qualifier tournament for the International e-Sports Federation (IeSF) was confirmed to be male players only. And when the IeSF gave their reasoning behind it, it didn’t exactly win over angry critics. Fortunately they ditched their male only restriction for their Hearthstone tournament and made it open to both genders. Continue reading

#NYCC Rant: The Lines

This year’s New York Comic Con was far from my best ever convention experience. There were cases where I missed panels I wanted to see. Some were missed because of bad time management by myself but there were some there was one where panel campers kept me out the panels I really wanted to see.

The key panel I really wanted to see was the Nintendo Communities panel. I literally got there a few minutes after the panel started. The guy guarding the door told me the panel was full. I noted the people leaving the panel but he still insisted that it was full. I looked out of curiosity I looked at the panel room’s schedule and saw that “King of the Nerds” (a major network show) and a voice actors panel were next. Then I knew there were campers in the room and they were what kept me there.

I know this sounds like a rant about how I got screwed over, but it’s has been a problem in past NYCC’s. I know someone who has waited 5 hours for a panel but got denied. NYCC pretty much does nothing to clear out the room for the next game.

If NYCC wants to become more enjoyable they need make sure that people can enjoy panels without worry about getting beaten by campers. NYCC must stop rewarding campers and stop punishing those who want to enjoy ALL of the convention.

Time for Gamers to Stand Up for Themselves


Note: This was originally posted on Put That Back as part of my “R/L Button” Column. But thought it was worth reposting here, too. It’s a message that needs to be heard.

With recent launch of Grand Theft Auto V and the horrible Navy yard shooting, media and politicians left and right are naming violent video games as the magical pill that turns otherwise innocent people into hardened killers. Some would even want the government to monitor you if you play a certain game. Some may think that our rights are ironclad and that somebody out there will fight for us, but we cannot afford assume that anymore. We must counter the lies with some old fashioned truth, or else we deserve to lose our rights as gamers.

You’ve probably seen certain news channels try convince shooters of past were “big time gamers” and this game or that game drove them to kill people. They might say game A taught one killer how to shoot when he really learned to shoot in a real-life firing range. They’ll say game B inspired one guy to kill while his inspiration was obviously something else. It doesn’t take long for clear-minded people to sort through the evidence (or lack thereof) and figure out for themselves to determine what is true and what’s isn’t.

There are some, however, who believe what they hear on mainstream news and don’t take time to gather the facts themselves. That’s where we come in.

We have to tell people the truth.

We have to tell people that not every person who plays an M-Rated game becomes a psychopath.

We have to tell them that the most friendliest people they know may be a gamers, themselves. And we don’t need television to do this.

If you’re reading this post, chances are that you already have the tools to share the facts and fight government censorship.

I know what you’re thinking: you don’t need to do anything because video are now considered protected by the First Amendment. The magic word here is now. When there are Supreme Court cases that are decided 5 to 4, that could easily change when the next video games case come in, and most likely in front of a new set of judges.

All it takes is one pen stroke and our rights could be gone.

Spread the word to everyone you can that blaming video games for today’s violence is like blaming video games for the violence that was happening way before they were even invented. If we don’t, we’ll regret it.