Two G4 ‘Flagship’ Shows Cancelled: No Surprise

Yesterday we found out that G4 is closing up shop on the geek appeal by cancelling Attack of The Show and X-Play. A lot of people are sad by hearing such news. But the shape of both show now compared to their heyday is much sadder to look at.

When you look at both shows, there wasn’t much to either of them, even in their prime. Attack of the Show pretty much covers geek culture overall while X-Play focused on video game news and reviews. You know the stuff most people look up online. It’s very hard to sell a TV show if it IGN or Geek & Sundry can makes that show obsolete. (One G4 personality also does work for IGN and another was featured on Geek & Sundry. Go figure.)

With Olivia Munn leaving AOTS and Adam Sessler leaving X-Play, there is very little reason left to watch either show. Of course you have Morgan Webb. But not every game would spend 30 minutes including commercials for obvious reasons.

Attack of the Show and X-Play are beyond outdated in today’s era and G4 needs to swap them out for something that gets them better ratings. But don’t worry. There’s MUCH better stuff online.