Dead Or Alive 5 at Battlefield Arcadia (Oct 18)

On Thursday I competed in Dead Or Alive 5. For somebody with not much DOA experience, I think I did decent. With a few hours more practice think I can be a serious threat.

If you want to check our the stream for it make sure you go to on November 3!

Battlefield Arcadia Returns

I will be going to Battlefield Arcadia in the Bronx this Thursday to compete in SoulCalibur V and Dead or Alvive 5. If you want to find out more about the tournament, make sure you go to.

Dead Or Alive 5 (Semi-Review)

I finally manage to go play Dead or Alive 5 over the weekend. There was a LOT of hype with this game for quite a few reasons and with 3 Virtua Fighter characters thrown in pushed the hype even further. Now that I’ve had some time with the game myself I can see if this hype is well deserved. Continue reading