Royal Lance Vlog 4: Happy 2012!

I made my first vlog for 2012. Yes it is late but only because I was at MAGFest. Hope everyone enjoys 2012!


The 2011 Video Game Awards (Spike)

I watched this year’s Video Game Awards on Spike and wrote about it on Gather. But there are a few things I didn’t write about there so I am writing about it here. This is pretty much a deeper look into what has happened. It’s not uber deep. Just deeper than what I put on Gather.

Celebrity Drama

First the gripe about the celebrity appearances. This the bashing of the celebrity appearances has been constant no matter who shows up. It’s like when a famous person wants does something related to video games, the online warriors question their “gaming rep” to their last breath! Even this guy admits to doing once! This has to stop.  I saw a comment that said “Why Jerry Rice and Hulk Hogan?” Uh… maybe those were there because they have appeared in a hefty amount of games?

Felcia Day had to be there. Yes here segments were lacking but after meeting her at New York Comic Con I can tell she was a blast to be around backstage.  Spike did good in getting her.

The only appearance I don’t agree with is Charlie Sheen’s. His current image makes him unfit to present at any award show right now.

But overall people will bitch and moan if there a D-listers and when A-listers  do show up people will just call them D-listers and go through procedure.

Trailer Failure

The trailers should be one or two per year. That’s it. That’s all I’m gonna say on that matter.

Take it out back

Some of the “core” will say Felicia Day’s backstage segments looked lame. But I’ll tell you thing. There were people backstage who had a frigging blast Felecia and company.

And the award goes to…

The nominations did improve I must admit. Yes there will be people who won’t agree with what (or who) got nominated or what (or who) won. It is what it is. But they did improve in my opinion.

I would have like you see more awards announced on the show, especially the Best Human Performances . Yes it would make the show longer but it should have been 3 hours anyways.

One thing should have been a clear cutoff date for what is eligible. I noticed that WWE All-Stare was nominated for Best Fighting Game instead of WWE ’12. Some might say that WWE ’12 came too late but get this. The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword came out November 20 while WWE ’12 came out November 22. That’s only a two day difference. This can be interpreted by a move by Spike, which airs TNA, Impact, or whatever the hell it is, to prevent WWE from taking home a VGA. But I’m sure that’s not the case, I’m sure the cutoff was coincidentally November 20 or 21. 😉

That ends what I have to say about this year’s VGA. I didn’t talk about teabagging segment or the Mark Hamill situation but you can read about it on my Gather article. ‘Till next time.