Gamers in the White House: Not So Fast


On Monday the White House hosted a video game marathon featuring popular gamers both competitive and non-competitive in an effort to promote… Obamacare. And hosted on the Twitch channel “getcovered” no less. Continue reading

When Pokken Tournament Come To The US We Must Step Up!


An executive from Dave & Buster’s said in an AMA that Pokken Tournament will available for testing at that restaurant/arcade chain. Considering how big the demand for Pokken to come to the States is, this is very big news.

The Pokemon community and the fighting game community have to hit this game hard. We need to show Nintendo that they were right in bringing it to America. This game needs our support.

Time for Gamers to Stand Up for Themselves


Note: This was originally posted on Put That Back as part of my “R/L Button” Column. But thought it was worth reposting here, too. It’s a message that needs to be heard.

With recent launch of Grand Theft Auto V and the horrible Navy yard shooting, media and politicians left and right are naming violent video games as the magical pill that turns otherwise innocent people into hardened killers. Some would even want the government to monitor you if you play a certain game. Some may think that our rights are ironclad and that somebody out there will fight for us, but we cannot afford assume that anymore. We must counter the lies with some old fashioned truth, or else we deserve to lose our rights as gamers.

You’ve probably seen certain news channels try convince shooters of past were “big time gamers” and this game or that game drove them to kill people. They might say game A taught one killer how to shoot when he really learned to shoot in a real-life firing range. They’ll say game B inspired one guy to kill while his inspiration was obviously something else. It doesn’t take long for clear-minded people to sort through the evidence (or lack thereof) and figure out for themselves to determine what is true and what’s isn’t.

There are some, however, who believe what they hear on mainstream news and don’t take time to gather the facts themselves. That’s where we come in.

We have to tell people the truth.

We have to tell people that not every person who plays an M-Rated game becomes a psychopath.

We have to tell them that the most friendliest people they know may be a gamers, themselves. And we don’t need television to do this.

If you’re reading this post, chances are that you already have the tools to share the facts and fight government censorship.

I know what you’re thinking: you don’t need to do anything because video are now considered protected by the First Amendment. The magic word here is now. When there are Supreme Court cases that are decided 5 to 4, that could easily change when the next video games case come in, and most likely in front of a new set of judges.

All it takes is one pen stroke and our rights could be gone.

Spread the word to everyone you can that blaming video games for today’s violence is like blaming video games for the violence that was happening way before they were even invented. If we don’t, we’ll regret it.

MAGFest 2013

MAGFest 11

This year I made a last minute decision to go to MAGFest this year. I’m glad I did go because it was fun.

Day 1

When I got there I saw the remainder of the opening panel after picking up my badge and checking into the hotel. Next I saw Jon St. John (Duke Nukem). His panel was funny like last year’s.

I participated in the Wii Sports tournament. I made to third. In the SoulCalibur tourney I scrubbed out. No excuse.

I managed to catch some of the Metroid Metal concert. They were decent. I managed to catch some video of Zadra hooping as Zero Suit Samus. She seemed happy with the footage I caught of her hooping. I tried to catch the Channel Awesome trivia panel but I came too late for teams. Stuck around and “played at home”. After that it was good night for me.

Day 2

The first panel I went to was Atop the Fourth Wall with Linkara. He reviewed the a Tranformers comic and it was hilarious. Then I stopped by to watch the Tetris tournament for a bit.

Next I went to the Yoshi’s Cookie tournament. I had that game for the Super Nintendo when I was a kid but I forgot how to play… or so I thought. I whizzed by the competition and made it to fourth place. I was gonna play AE but it took so long to start the first match so I dropped out played the in the free play area. Then it was WWF No Mercy. I used to have that game. I was doing good first match until the comeback factor kicked it.

Then I decided to wait in line early for the second Channel Awesome trivia panel. The team I was put on was okay. They knew their stuff. I was surprised that I was the only that the what the Nintendo Famicon Disk System was. I was dead tired at that time but I still enjoyed myself.

Day 3

First panel was Chez Apocalypse, then it was a dame design panel that featured a game I wanted to try out for the longest.

Then I got to see the Sonic fan film world premiere. The movie was much shorter than I thought.

Next I participated in the Nerf War hosted by MarzGurl. It was my first time playing the Nerf War. It was very fun and I’m glad I got to do it this year.

After that was done, I got dinner at the sports bar. I was sitting next to an Umbreon cosplay. Chatting with her about Pokemon has gotten me thinking of picking it up X or Y. Damn you, Umbreon Cosplayer!

For Saturday went to the concert room for to see Protomen and then later Powerglove. They were both great. DJ Cutman closed it out. He was also good.

Day 4

Day for I went to the “Going Pro” panel and then spent the rest of the Closing ceremony. Day for is always the slowest day since everybody leaves.

MAGFest is another weekend of nonstop fun. Looking forward to going to my third in 2014.

The Wii U Launch

As some may already know, I was at the Wii U midnight launch at Nintendo World. It was by far my favorite Nintendo launch. There were dancing Mii characters, A dancing Mario Luigi, a cosplay contest (wish Zadra was in it), and hot apple cider and grilled cheese. Great times.

There was a great deal of press coverage. CNN, was there. CNET was there. I got interviewed by a Japanese press team. I even heard that iJustine was nearby. But I missed her. Sad face.

The first purchase was bananas. It took Nintendo World quite a while to ring Triforce up. And after the purchase they kept him in the store so more press could talk to him. It was madness overall.

Triforce invited me to play back at his place. I took a crack at New Super Mario Bros. U. The game is pure insanity in 2-4 players, but still fun.

There is a small documentary from that covers Triforce’s quest to buy the Wii U. I know the guy with the Adidas cap is cute, ladies but please ignore him for the time being. This is about Triforce.

It was a great time witnessing the launch for myself. Expect to see some videos from the launch soon!

Dead Or Alive 5 at Battlefield Arcadia (Oct 18)

On Thursday I competed in Dead Or Alive 5. For somebody with not much DOA experience, I think I did decent. With a few hours more practice think I can be a serious threat.

If you want to check our the stream for it make sure you go to on November 3!

New York Comic Con 2012: I will be there!

In case anyone missed my frequent tweets, I will be going to New York Comic Con this year! I will be there on October 12, 13, and 14. I will also hit up a few after parties. Hope to see you there!

If you want to be want to read what I did during last year’s NYCC, pleas check out my NYCC 2011 post!