The First Waypoint Cafe Hearthstone Tournament

Last week I competed in a Hearthstone tournament at the Waypoint Cafe. It was my first HS tournament of any kind in a few years but it feels good get back in it.

This was also Waypoint’s first Fireside Gathering (meaning I couldn’t get the no Warlock hero) and I was glad to take part. For the tournament, I brought these four decks: Highlander Priest, Exodia Mage, Zoo, and Pirate warrior.

Highlander Priest: This is a deck that I used to get one of my highest ranks in ladder. It’s pretty much like other Highlander Priests. Except this one has Hungry Crab to deal with Murloc Paladin, which I did not see in this tournament.

Exodia Mage: I like playing this deck. This is pretty much simple. Stall out the game long enough to draw all you combo pieces to Extended Turn Kill the opponent. It got banned 3 of my four matches. The tournament version I have Acolyte of Pain as one of my draw cards while Coldlight Oracle sometimes takes it’s place in ladder.

Zoo Warlock: This deck does some heavy lifting for me in ladder. It pretty much the basic Zoo for its season except mine has Pince Valanar which is a taunt and lifesteal. My deck still had Keleseth in there as well.

With these decks made it though the tournament without losing a set. My toughest opponent was a JetLaw, lawyer that sported a legend card back.

It’s feels so good to have my first tournament victory in Hearthstone.


About My “Return of The Mage” Post


My “Return of the Mage” was posted on iHearthU over the weekend. Well I am glad that they published me despite me being new, but not everyone felt that way. There were comments about it being “poorly written” and “out of date”. This post is to set a few things straight.

  1. About my article being “out of date”, I do admit that the article might seem too late after RDU’s Dreamhack victory, and Hearthstone decks tend to go outdated week by week. But there was no deck guides for Freeze Mage and my article filled that void.
  2. As a person who writes lots of content, the quality of writing does mean a lot to me. But sometime you don’t always have the luxury of time to go over everything and catch every single mistake you make. I will make an effort to write better next time around. But please remember, I am writing a Hearthstone deck analysis, not a college essay.
  3. The formatting in the article wasn’t the best seen at iHearthU. But I had no control over that. At best I can give suggestions to the editors what needs to be bolded, highlighted, etc.
  4. It’s my first iHearthU article. Give me a break, will you?

With that, I promise to make the effort to make my content for iHearthU better.

“No Girls Allowed” Hearthstone and the IeSF


This week Hearthstone was trending for all the wrong reasons when a Finnish Hearthstone qualifier tournament for the International e-Sports Federation (IeSF) was confirmed to be male players only. And when the IeSF gave their reasoning behind it, it didn’t exactly win over angry critics. Fortunately they ditched their male only restriction for their Hearthstone tournament and made it open to both genders. Continue reading