Game Day Aftermath

I was in  Brooklyn for the GameDay stream. I am glad that I was able to participate in something that supports International Video Game Hall of Fame. There were a some records broken – including one of mine – and bright spirits lighting up the weekend.

In one of the streams there is a short “history lesson” on why the IVGHOF is so important.

Congratulations to everyone who helped out this weekend.

Game Day: Be There!

This Memorial Day Weekend gamers from different parts of the US will be taking part GameDay, a four-day series of web video game streams web streams of featuring at least numerous players participating. All of this will benefit the International Video Game Hall of Fame & Museum in Ottumwa, Iowa.

I am also glad to announce that I will be participating in the Empire Arcadia stream, which is to be run by Jaxel of Since 8WayRun is a Soul Calibur community I will be doing an Arcade Mode run in Soul Calibur IV. I may play a few other games as well, time permitting.

To find more information about GameDay you can go to

Ottumwa and the Video Game Hall of Fame

Those who follow me may know about my support for the International Video Game Hall of Fame and Museum, or IVGHOF for short, in Ottumwa, Iowa. Some reader may ask, “Why Iowa?” But if you look at the Ottumwa’s past in how it formed video game culture, you will see why this makes sense. Continue reading