Lindsey Sterling in New York City

Last night I went to the Lindsey Stirling concert. I have always enjoyed her work but her live performances take to to a whole new level. I would recommend anyone who loves good music to go to one of her concerts.

I uploaded a video of her from last night performing “Zelda Medley”, which is the first Lindsey Sterling song I heard. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

#StreetPass NYC/LI Zelda-Themed Archery Competition

Over the weekend I took part in the Legend of Zelda- themed archery competition that features members and staff from StreetPass New York City and StreetPass Long Island (I’m part of the SPLI staff). It was a fun event overall and it has sparked my interest in archery in general. Of course there were the StreetPass tags, too. 😛

If you want to check out more pics of the event check out the post on StreetPass Long Island’s blog! If you want a second archery event be sure to let us know!

Q & A: Triforce and the VGA’s

TriforceGameMaster is back from the Spike’s Video Game Awards and has agreed to a Q & A about the event.

What was your first thought when you received you invitation to this year’s VGA’s?

Yes! I get to witness The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword win Spike TV VGA’s game of the year live.

Did you like the selection of celebrities for this year?

A. I’m indifferent to the celebrities. I like the fact that they are well established names in American society that get to endorse gaming but at the same time this is our culture, our community and our industry. I just wish that they would get more gamers involved. I’m looking to 2012 as that year.

You know have to mention this: Charlie Sheen presenting the Best Shooter Award, winner getting teabagged. Your thoughts?

A. I don’t know what’s the whole big deal with Charlie Sheen. That’s whole thing was some issue about his character based on public opinion. I think he did a good job coming on stage reading his line and presenting the game. Besides that I’m ignorant to Charlie Sheen’s life and whatever is it he did that made the whole world is mad at him about. I don’t see how is any of that relevant when there are more pressing matters happening in the world.

As for the Tea-bagging, well its a reflection of what we do as gamers when we play video games. Gamers need to get off their high horse for a bit and laugh at themselves. It’s not like they made it up to trash us. They just emulated us. Big deal. It was funny to everyone, laugh it off and keep it moving.

The day after the VGA’s Mark Hamill (Voice of the Joker) tweeted how he got bad seats and was not even told that the winner of the award he was nominated for was announced. Any opinions on that?

Yeah I saw that Tweet. I will not even try to get involved in that. That is a blunder in the production of the show, based on a lot of factors that we are all ignorant too. It would not be fair to comment on that.

What was the best part of the VGA’s?

The best part of the VGA’s for me is kind of a bias answer. I was honored to witness Shigeru Miyamoto accept the Hall of Fame award for The Legend of Zelda video game franchise. 15 games in 25 years and still going strong. In fact, it was a contender for Video Game of the Year. That’s how much lasting power Zelda has.

There have been some key changes to the VGA’s. Which parts did you feel the best improved and which needs more work?

The most improved part of the VGA’s was the innovation in the technology that they used for the show such as the AR. Having the Skyrim Dragon fly in on the set was godlike. As for what needs work…they need more notable gamers to be apart of the program. Felicia Day and the Black Baron was a good start. They need to work toward some of the pros gamers mixed in with the social gamers, mixed with Hollywood celebrities.