#NYCC Rant: The Lines

This year’s New York Comic Con was far from my best ever convention experience. There were cases where I missed panels I wanted to see. Some were missed because of bad time management by myself but there were some there was one where panel campers kept me out the panels I really wanted to see.

The key panel I really wanted to see was the Nintendo Communities panel. I literally got there a few minutes after the panel started. The guy guarding the door told me the panel was full. I noted the people leaving the panel but he still insisted that it was full. I looked out of curiosity I looked at the panel room’s schedule and saw that “King of the Nerds” (a major network show) and a voice actors panel were next. Then I knew there were campers in the room and they were what kept me there.

I know this sounds like a rant about how I got screwed over, but it’s has been a problem in past NYCC’s. I know someone who has waited 5 hours for a panel but got denied. NYCC pretty much does nothing to clear out the room for the next game.

If NYCC wants to become more enjoyable they need make sure that people can enjoy panels without worry about getting beaten by campers. NYCC must stop rewarding campers and stop punishing those who want to enjoy ALL of the convention.