MAGFest 2019 Recap


So I went to MAGFest this year. Me being a veteran (I think I only missed 1 or 2 MAG’s between MAGFest X and now), I have seen it grow from an event that would share the venue with jewelry conventions to a crazy convention (or festival if you insist) that covers every single corner of the venue.

Now with that praise out the way, I will go though my experience throughout that awesome weekend.


This is my third year as a staff member at MAGFest and my fourth working at the con overall. I usually work in the Game On Film festival but they didn’t have it this year so I took shifts in crowd control.

I mainly worked in front of the panel rooms where I do badge check. It’s quite a humbling experience. I didn’t have to deal with long lines, but I was asked for directions. Since I know most of the Gaylord National, I was able to give good directions. The hours can be lengthy but I’m glad I was able to do it this year and help a bunch of people.


My time in the arcade was limited and my time in the console section and Pokemon League was non-existent. But I did get to play some Windjammers and a few other classics.

When it comes to tournaments, I played in two tournaments…at the same time.

Here’s how I did it. On Friday, I found out that Hearthstone starts at the same times as Windjammers in two different sections of the venue. Luckily I was able to play my Hearthstone matches through Battlefy while waiting for my Windjammers matches. It was interesting experience.


Well sadly I didn’t get to catch all the acts I wanted to catch. I did catch to see some of MC Frontalot live. I also discovered a new performer called D*Jadeabella who did her set in a Bayonetta/Fox McCloud cosplay. She had killer Star Wolf track that get me hearing it for the next two weeks. I became an instant fan.


Well I got to meet Freddie Wong from Video Game High School, which was great!


Not only did I get to meet Xavier Woods, I saw his panel and saw him again in Windjammers.


Ironically I saw both Freddie and Xavier in opposing teams MAGFest Versus. Hilarity ensued.

Well that’s it for my MAGFest blog!

The Nerf War at MAGFest 2017

Sadly because I was busy with MAGFest I did not get too much (Usable) footage from MAGFest but I was able to catch the Nerf War and get some footage of that.


Also, I shot a bonus clip where Margurl (who organizes the Nerf War yearly) faces a firing squad.

MAGFest 2016


This year’s MAGFest was quite different from my other years I went. That is mainly because this year I decided to volunteer.

I spent all of my volunteer work on the Games on Film festival. On one of the shifts hosted the Bagged and Bored. Otherwise it’s pretty much me making sure everything is running while the movie is playing.

I also came back to MAGFest Pokemon League to defend my title from last year. I didn’t get to repeat but I had a good time.

Also I got to room with some cool people. The antic inside the room matched what happened at MAGFest!


Of course there was the always-running arcade and the Cosplay (I cosplayed as Ryu). Fun overall.

Looking forward to next year!

Flashback The MAGFest Pokemon League

For those who don’t know, I won last year’s MAGFest Pokemon League. This was a nice rush for me at the time, for this was the my first tournament win at MAGFest.

This was the first round of the tournament portion of where I played Tess.

This is the second match where I face Chris.

And this is the finals between me and Brandon, where I won it all!

I comeback MAGFest next weekend to defend my crown!



MAGFest Cosplay

MAGFest 11

I have taken a few pics from MAGFest. There was some very good cosplay this year! If you weren’t there this year, you should go next year!


MAGFest 11


Legends of the Hidden Temple Contestants


MAGFest 11

Vanellope von Schweetz (Wreck-It-Ralph)


MAGFest 11

Pidgey (Pokémon)


MAGFest 11

Anya and Carmine (Gears of War 3)


MAGFest 11

Fio (Metal Slug 2)


MAGFest 11

Fix-It-Felix Jr. (Wreck-It-Ralph)


MAGFest 11

Lady Metroid


MAGFest 11

Sailor Moon


MAGFest 11

Evil Queen (Snow White)


MAGFest 11


Vile (Mega Man X) Umbreon (Pokémon) and Me


Hope everyone likes the pics!