StreetPass Tips: Make The Most of Your 3DS


Streetpass is one of the most intriguing feature of the Nintendo 3DS and it happens when you are around other 3DS users who also use StreetPass. It has even became the base of many gaming communities and social gatherings. Today I share tips and tricks that has lead to thousands of tags for many 3DS owners (myself included) and will certainly give you the best StreetPass experience one can get. Continue reading

Star Fox 64 3D: Boost Cancelling

Over the weekend I came across a technique for Battle Mode of Star Fox 64 3D (won’t work in Main Game, Score Attack, and Training). I tried looking up online but didn’t really find much. I doubt this is first ever mentioned of it but I feel this this needs more mentioning. Continue reading

Street Pass New York City

I was was the June meetup run by StreetPass New York City at Nintendo World yesterday. I had quite a nice time.

Heard about this event mainly from gamer who were on the line with me for the Zelda 3D launch last weekend. It looked interesting so I went back to the store yesterday. Not only did I get to exchange 3DS Street Pass tags, I got to meet a chill with some nice people and shared our love for the 3DS.

StreetPass NYC is planning a July event. Once I find out the date I will let everyone know!

One more thing. If you want to mingle with the StreetPass NYC community online go to or