I am Featured in Slingshot for Pokkén Tournament

Last month I spoke to Slingshot about the growing competitive Pokkén Tournament scene. Continue reading

My Run At The Pokkén Tournament Early Access Competition

Late last month I competed in the Pokkén Tournament Early Access Competition at GameStop (New York). The winner gets to compete against 7 other winners at Nintendo NY. Needless to say, I was excited to go to this.

Since only the first 32 people could sign up for the New York competition so I showed up at around 5:30 in the morning. It was freezing but it was worth it.


Between 7 and 8 AM, the crowd showed up. The line was a few times over the max capacity of entrants.


The Pokkén line started with me. The people on the left were waiting for sneakers.

At 10:00 they let us in and I was the first to sign up. I wanted to get some practice in (since it’s been a while since I played Pokkén at Dave & Buster’s) but that wasn’t allowed so I decided to fuel up with breakfast at a Taco Bell a few doors down.

At 11 AM it was game time. I started off rusty but I held my own. There we’re times it seemed I was done for but my Pikachu pulled it through. I made it to the semi-finals where I would have to battle Rio, a Gengar player who performed about as well as I did.

This match was quite a fun one to play. I as you can see in the video. I made quite a comeback in round two. I found myself watching this match over and over for a bit.

The final match was against Jeff, who uses a very amazing Weavile. He made me have to switch to Charizard and that threw him off. Jeff won the last game (with a perfect in the final round). He went on to represent New York in the Early Access finals at Nintendo NY, which he won, of course.

Pokkén Early Access is not the last you will see of me. You will definitely see more of me in the next few months.

When Pokken Tournament Come To The US We Must Step Up!


An executive from Dave & Buster’s said in an AMA that Pokken Tournament will available for testing at that restaurant/arcade chain. Considering how big the demand for Pokken to come to the States is, this is very big news.

The Pokemon community and the fighting game community have to hit this game hard. We need to show Nintendo that they were right in bringing it to America. This game needs our support.