Rick Fox and Pro Gaming

This clip from “The View” of Rick Fox discussing pro gamers/pro athletes comparisons has made quite a buzz in my circles. I am glad to see pro athletes (active or retired) bringing the pro gaming discussion to the mainstream.

Dead Or Alive 5 at Battlefield Arcadia (Oct 18)

On Thursday I competed in Dead Or Alive 5. For somebody with not much DOA experience, I think I did decent. With a few hours more practice think I can be a serious threat.

If you want to check our the stream for it make sure you go to Complex.com on November 3!

Battlefield Arcadia Returns

I will be going to Battlefield Arcadia in the Bronx this Thursday to compete in SoulCalibur V and Dead or Alvive 5. If you want to find out more about the tournament, make sure you go to. http://8wayrun.com/threads/oct-11-2012-battlefield-arcadia-road-to-vxg-2013-bronx-new-york.14955/

Two Signed Billy Mitchel Cards Up For Auction Now!

I should have done this a few days earlier but I have not one, nut TWO signed Billy Mitchell trading cards up for auction on eBay! As you can see in the pic the signed cards are of different brands: Allen & Ginter (Topps) and Twin Galaxies Trading Cards.

I have obtained both these cards at the Philly Non-Sports Card Show in Allentown, PA. That was also where Billy signed them both for me. I really wish I didn’t have to part with something tied to a legendary gamer. But let my loss be your gain!

If you want to place a bid on these cards you can do so at http://www.ebay.com/itm/190733709149?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 today. There is not much time so act fast!

Could a Compeititive Gaming Movie Work?

Recently, Jason “The Captain” Barbosa, video pro who has been following competitive game for quite a while, announced on YouTube that he was writing feature length movie about competitive gaming scene. That sounds like a good idea but as we know not all good ideas get good execution. If a pro-gaming-based movie were to happen, there are a few things the Capt’n must do in order for it not to suck. Hope you’re listening, Jay. Continue reading