Influenster VoxBox: Speed Stick Gear



Note: The product reviewed in this post has been sent to the writer complimentary for testing and reviewing purposes from Influenster.

Since I got the Speed Stick VoxBox from Influenster, I spent a good amount of time testing out the new Speed Stick Gear. And I must say that it’s much better and what I used just before. It is a decent deodorant that works well when you need it to.

According to the packaging, Speed Stick Gear solid antiperspirant uses DryCore technology that gives you 48HR sweat protection. I personally wouldn’t suggest anyone to go two days without deodorant, and I didn’t test it for 48 hours. But I’m wearing it daily as of this post and it manged to hold up after hard day’s word and even after a workout.

I tried out two different scents from the Speed Stick package: Fresh Force and Clean Peak. Both scents are good but I prefer Fresh force. There is a third scent called Cool Motion, but that wasn’t in the package I received.

If you are looking for a new deodorant to get you throughout the day, try out the new Speed Stick Gear. It is definitely a step above a lot of what out now.

Got a Writing Gig on NerdSpan!

On my way to #NECPhilly! Look out , #FGC! #scv #doa5 #sf4

Not much to say about this. I heard that a new site called NerdSpan was looking for people to review movies so I responded.

I will not be reviewing games for NerdSpan at this time, just movie. I can live with that. I like watching movies.

I have some reviews posted on there already for Tintin and Not Another Teen Movie. I hope to be able to review “Noobz” soon.

Make sure you check out my upcoming reviews.

Review: Wreck-It Ralph (Android)

Title: Wreck-It Ralph
Publisher: Disney Interactive
Platform: Android

There are a lot of movie-based games that are often churned out quickly and poorly designed. Fortunately, Disney Interactive has blessed us with a three games in one app based on the newest Disney movie Wreck-It Ralph. While the games on the app are inspired by some classics, none of the three games have (fourth one to be unlocked) are to be confused with the sub-par knockoffs out there. Continue reading

Dead Or Alive 5 (Semi-Review)

I finally manage to go play Dead or Alive 5 over the weekend. There was a LOT of hype with this game for quite a few reasons and with 3 Virtua Fighter characters thrown in pushed the hype even further. Now that I’ve had some time with the game myself I can see if this hype is well deserved. Continue reading

Review: Bejeweled 3

Title: Bejeweled 3
Publisher: PopCap Games
Platform: PC

A few years before motion control came into play, Bejeweled became a brand that jump-started casual gaming, not forgetting how it’s the only puzzle franchise to truly rival Tetris. With titles on PC, Mac, console, and even cell phones, one can play the game virtually anywhere. After 10 years of success, PopCap comes out with what could be their best version of the prized puzzle game to date. Ladies and gentlemen…Bejeweled 3. Continue reading

Review: Super Mario All-Stars (Wii)

Note: This is a review for a game that I have purchased for my own collection. I was in no way compensated for this review.

Title: Super Mario All Stars: Limited Edition
Platform: Wii
Release Date: December 12, 2010

For the 25th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. released on the NES, Nintendo released a limited edition package of Super Mario All-Stars, which was originally released for the Super Nintendo. Is the game worth getting even with the extra? Let’s see. Continue reading