Lance’s Favorite World Records


I have set a nice number of world record scores over the for some time now. And naturally, there are some scores that I hold closely. For this post I will go over five world records that have some meaning to me personally. Continue reading

Royal Lance TGI Card Profile

The kind people at posted my profile for the Twin Galaxies Trading Cards. It’s nice to see that they are fans of these cards. Make sure to check out my profile there and leave a nice comment!

Philly Non-Sports Card Show

This weekend I was at the Philly Non-Sports Card Show to help support the Twin Galaxies Video Game Trading Cards. It was a blast to meet everyone there and reception was huge! It was one of the busiest booths all weekend!

There was lots of neat and rare stuff on display. Signed cards, toys, comics, sketches. Lots of stuff. I had to glue my wallet shut all weekend. I did get a lot of signed video game cards, though.

The event overall was impressive. Can’t wait to come back to back next year.