Nintendo Has the Best Bayonetta

Nintendo doesn’t always publish M-Rated games. But when they do, they give the Xbox and PlayStation versions a run for their money.

Prototype Wii U Game Pad


I found this picture of a prototype of the Wii U Game Pad Controller on Nintendo Gamer. What you see here is a tablet-like monitor with two attached Wii Remotes and two Nunchuck analog sticks. It’s great to see how the system came to be

The Wii U Launch

As some may already know, I was at the Wii U midnight launch at Nintendo World. It was by far my favorite Nintendo launch. There were dancing Mii characters, A dancing Mario Luigi, a cosplay contest (wish Zadra was in it), and hot apple cider and grilled cheese. Great times.

There was a great deal of press coverage. CNN, was there. CNET was there. I got interviewed by a Japanese press team. I even heard that iJustine was nearby. But I missed her. Sad face.

The first purchase was bananas. It took Nintendo World quite a while to ring Triforce up. And after the purchase they kept him in the store so more press could talk to him. It was madness overall.

Triforce invited me to play back at his place. I took a crack at New Super Mario Bros. U. The game is pure insanity in 2-4 players, but still fun.

There is a small documentary from that covers Triforce’s quest to buy the Wii U. I know the guy with the Adidas cap is cute, ladies but please ignore him for the time being. This is about Triforce.

It was a great time witnessing the launch for myself. Expect to see some videos from the launch soon!

The Wii U: One More Week

It will its we are a week away from the launch of the Nintendo Wii U. Now tell me you’re not exited.

The first Wii came out with motion control features that competition laughed at but wound up copying for themselves. The Wii U’s new controller with the touch screen will surely get the gear moving with game designers. It may not be as powerful what Sony and Microsoft may put out in the next few years, but when did that stop a Nintendo system?

The game I look forward to is Rayman Legends. I haven’t played to many Rayman games but I played the demo that was at Nintendo World. I like how the implemented the new Wii U controller. This would make a fun game to play co-op.

There will be a midnight launch for the Wii you next Saturday night at Nintendo World. I might stop by to check it out. Say hi if you see me!

Why I Might Wait on the Wii U

I have been hearing a great deal about Nintendo’s Wii U. It looks like a nice system but I don’t see myself buying the system at launch.

When I purchased the Wii it had Wii Sports in the box and Twilight Princess was a launch title (great game, as is Skward Sword). The Wii U got some great improvements but it wasn’t as great a jump as it when it was SNES to N64 or GameCube to Wii. More like NES to SNES. The NES was great but when it came out there were still lots of people playing NES. If there is a title on launch or close to launch that catches my eye then I might get it.

I’m sure Nintendo will do fine with Wii U in the long run. I’ll to see what comes out first before I choose to get it.