Super Mario World “Credits Warp World Record”

This week a player released a video of him “beating” Super Mario in less than 6 minutes. All the insane actions he does during the game writes code it the console’s RAM, which then triggers the credits, “finishing” the game in record speed. This is an insane run. Some next level stuff.

Lance’s Favorite World Records


I have set a nice number of world record scores over the for some time now. And naturally, there are some scores that I hold closely. For this post I will go over five world records that have some meaning to me personally. Continue reading

Largest Vulpix Collection

It has been over a year since my last run on RecordSetter. So I thought I kind of sneak back in the scene with Pokemon X.

For some random reason I started breeding for a Vulpix with good stats. When I finally got a keeper, I was left with 109 Vulpix in my stable. I I figured that to make a record out of it.

Be sure to check this record out on and be sure to comment!

Most Tournament Wins for a Gaming Team

Thursday Night/Friday morning I heard my phone go off. When I checked it I saw a Tweet from Empire Arcadia that say the team earned a Guinness World Record for “The most documented tournament wins for a gaming team.” And the best part: They credited me as one contributors for the record! Continue reading